2015 looks promising for County

By John Toth / Editor and Publisher

Happy New Year.

Now that we have muddled through 2014, we’re ready to take an optimistic view of 2015, when the Brazoria County economy should start showing signs of busting at the seams.

With all the plants expanding, and Dow building new offices in Lake Jackson, the county should see a nice boost.

People smarter than me who get paid to keep an eye on the economic pulse of this county have said the same thing.

On the national scale, 2014 appeared to be a year of the bad news – shootings, plane crashes, weather that was either too hot or too cold, Russia attacking its neighbor right after putting on the most expensive Winter Olympics in history, and so on.

I could go on for a while, but what’s the use? I got to the point that I was watching National Geographic and ESPN more than cable news. That is a huge turnaround for me, being a news junkie.

Last week I had to limit that to ESPN, because when I turned on National Geographic, they showed a documentary about an old DC-9 plane crash. That’s the last thing I wanted to see.

I was hoping that the pilot re-enactor would be able to maneuver the plane through the storm and land without anybody being hurt, but that’s not how it ended. I guess he had to follow a script. The plane still crashed.

Why would I want to watch a documentary about an old plane crash when we had two big ones in 2014? The Russians blew one Malaysian flight out of the skies over Ukraine, and a crazy pilot crashed another into the Indian Ocean.

Which one is safer? Flying Malaysian Airlines or driving?

Wrong. Flying Malaysian Airlines is a lot more dangerous than driving. It’s not a lucky airline.

But, I am trying to stay on topic here, whatever that was. Oh, yeah, about 2015, and how it’s going to be better than 2014.

There are several new businesses at Brazos Mall that have invested in this county’s future, hoping to catch the economic wave here. Two new restaurants and a shop that sells fudge and ice cream are among those now open.

Look around you neighborhood over the next few months, and you’ll see all kind of investments springing up in south Brazoria County. Whatever the national scene will be, our financial situation looks bright.

The county is in good hands. Congratulations to the new county officials to be sworn into office on Jan. 1. This industrial county has a relatively low property tax rate, and recreational areas that are not all that crowded, even at peak times.

Our new county leadership can be counted on to keep our quality of life here high. Brazoria County is a very comfortable place to live, work and raise a family. That’s the way it will remain.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, dear reader. I hope you have a great and profitable 2015.