John's columns 2015

Tech gadget failures that someone thought would make great gifts - 12/29/2015

Christmas stories - 12/22/2015

When we thought we’d never age - 12/15/2015

World affairs and a teenager’s wheels sometimes clashed in the so-called good old days - 12/08/2015

Leaving our shiney shoes on windowsill for St. Nick - 12/01/2015

The final ride of the old TVs: Recyling is their destiny - 11/24/2015

Shopping locally dos and don'ts - 11/17/2015

The story of how I went from measuring TV screen sizes in inches to feet - 11/10/2015

Denmark zoos continue killing their healthy animals - 11/03/2015

Christmas in October - 10/27/2015

How the doctor scared me to death about colon cancer at my annual physical- 10/20/2015

Pumpkin the cat showed up one day and decided to stay - 10/13/2015

A real-life home improvement project tale - 10/06/2015

Young reporter changes jobs and meets the copy editor - 09/29/2015

Brother-in-law shows up with vintage Geiger Counter - 09/22/2015

Retro gadgets better seen than heard - 09/15/2015

The more things change, the more they stay the same in small town journalism - 09/08/15

How I survived an outing minus my cell phone - 09/01/2015

Searching for a small item inside a big-box store - 08/25/2015

Old-fashioned videotape movie night not all that great - 08/18/2015

Life after 200K miles: People keeping their cars longer - 08/11/2015

Moving up from AM to 8-track stereo - 08/04/2015

Summer World does not need to end when summer ends - 07/28/2015

Why the Mosquito Festival has become so successful - 07/21/15

Perfect way to start the day: Coffee, backyard, reading the morning paper on my tablet - 07/14/15

The kid and his AM transistor radio - 07/07/2015

Bulletin completes 21 years of publishing; Looking forward to many more - 06/30/2015

Bulletin production jeopardized by cat - 06/23/2015

Summertime is finally here - -6/16/2015

The great flood of 1991-92 - 06/09/2015

Springing into hurricanes - 06/02/2015

Old television sets get no respect - 5/26/2015

Check is still in the mail - 05/19/2015

Love bugs are here - 05/12/2015

Wedding dress shopping with daughter makes me wonder where all the time has gone - 05/05/2015

Post office’s apology about mangling letter goes on for a while - 04/28/15

Attending Houston Astros game with daughter brings back lots of memories of softball years - 04/21/2015

Politicians and humor: It’s really easy to stumble on the way to a punchline and look dumb - 04/14/2015

In exhange for driving a tin box, I want great gas mileage - 04/07/2015

I just wanted some coffee, not a lecture - 03/31/15

Getting pulled over in Pearland was quite educational - 03/24/2015

New car experience - 03/17/2015

Spring Break fever: A great and safe time was had by all - 03/10/2015

How I fashioned the business of writing after William Shakespeare, and why - 03/03/2015

Reading glasses help my find the button on the selfie stick - 02/24/2015

Why do we take selfies? = 02/17/2015

How an increase in minimum wage can reduce people’s dependency on taxpayer-funded social programs - 02/10/2015

Guys, wedding planning = fish out of water - 02/03/2015

Self-driven, computerized cars are on the way, but not without some unintended consequences - 01/27/2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - 01/20/2015

It’s time to deal with those New Year’s resolutions - 01/13/2015

The ups and downs of cheap gas - 01/06/2015