John's columns 2016

Some of the less publicized Olympic events you may have missed - 08/30/2016

Lucky dog showed up just in time - 08/23/2016

Some of life’s surreal encounters - 08/16/2016

Reality, virtual reality and my relaxing morning coffee at the waterfall - 08/09/2016

I drove into Austin with my good buddy, Google Maps, which was not hacked by the Russians - 08/02/2016

Some of the best-known nationwide companies got their names for strange, unusual reasons - 07/26/2016

I’m getting a mini language course from my Bluetooth - -7/19/2016

If you’re reading this column, that means I did not win the lotto jackpot and still have to work - 07/12/2016

Brits to world: We voted for this ... thingy - 07/05/2016

Bulletin starts 23rd year of publishing - 06/28/2016

Wedding bells in the secret garden make a good combination - -6/21/2016

A reporter’s memories of the 1991-1992 flooding and other stormy encounters in the county - 06/14/2016

Tales from my summer camp days as a teen include bad soup, temperamental chef and kitchen fire - 06/07/2016

34 years after leaving, I returned to the Victoria Advocate and brought back one of its copy editors - 05/31/2016

Small market basic training - 05/24/2016

The smartphone has made other gadgets obsolete - sort of - 05/17/2016

There was life BAC, (before A/C) - 05/10/2016

Rain story - 05/03/2016

Climbing on my roof had its good moments, great view - 04/26/2016

Ramblings: recap of weird stories you may have missed - 04/19/2016

Procrastinating for the right reasons may actually be beneficial, but yard work is not one of them - 04/12/2016

But it’s not just an old van, right? - 04/05/2016

Garage cleaning made easier with storage space rental - 03/29/2016

How crazy can it get? You can’t make this stuff up, folks - 03/22/2016

Paying $180 speeding ticket may have been better than $71K court battle - 03/15/2016

Starting a rumor at the Iowa caucuses is small compared to our colorful history of political dirty tricks - 03/08/2016

How to tell the difference between jobs and callings - 03/01/2016

Facebook: The medium is no longer the message - 02/23/2016

WWIII may already have started - 02/16/2016

Welcome to South Brazoria County all you new residents with new jobs, but watch your driving - 02/09/2016

Why bridal shows and NFL playoff football don’t mix - 02/02/2016

Stepping it up with a phone app that counts your steps is not all that simple - 01/26/2016

At the movies: How I would tweak blockbusters and change the endings - 01/19/2016

Promises, promises: My official New year’s resolutions - 01/12/2016

Texas Gulf Coast winters: I’m hoping for more short and T-shirt weather in the subtropics - 010516