John's columns - 2010

9-11, financial crisis, recession? Top story is communications - 12/28/2010

Holiday spirit local style has its rewards - 12/21/2010

Having a December birthday is not the best timing when it comes to receiving presents - 12/14/2010

Exercise your right to read while you eat - 12/07/2010

To the Moon, Alice? How about a one-way ticket to Mars? - 11/30/2010

Ready or not, here come the holiday craziness days: Enjoy the season, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving - 11/23/2010

Municipal court now in session: I appeared before my friend, the judge - 11/16/2010

While my guitar gently weeps – as I’m trying to wrap my fingers around those strings - 11/09/2010

My excursion to Plantersville - 11/02/2010

This news junkie loves silly season - 10/26/2010

So, I went for a checkup to get my perfect bill of health, but ...-10/19/2010

The doctor’s waiting room is for ... waiting - 10/12/2010

Summer is great, but how cool is this? - 10/05/2010

If you can’t be rich, watch them on a rainy day - 09/28/2010

She looked deep into my eyes, and...- 09/21/2010

eBay is a worldwide flea market for goods and buyer pitfalls - 09/14/2010

Hurricane season gets interesting in September - 09/07/2010

Pearland Little League’s success brings back good memories of youth sports - 08/31/2010

Afghanistan is closer when we can talk daily - 08/24/2010

Back to school time is here - 08/17/2010

If aliens are among us, why can’t we get a good shot of them? - 08/10/2010

I need a gym surrogate - 08/03/2010

Luck of the draw, or the lack of it - 07/27/2010

Even when I have nothing to say, I say it, anyway - 07/20/10

Having fun at the beach and staying in touch - 07/13/10

How sweet it is! Bulletin finishes 16th year of publishing! - 06/29/10

After soiling the Gulf, BP takes a public relations dive - 06/22/10

Hurricane season upon us once again: Evacuating is best choice, then party away - 06/01/10

Lady Gaga turns out the hits and the weird - 05/25/10

Property values and our taxes; What goes up, can come down...-05/18/10

The smell of spring, free A/C makes for a wonderful time of year - 05/11/10

Roundabout: Why I don’t get rid of my dilapidated green van - 05/04/10

No telling what will happen next to the computers in this house – I mean office - 04/27/10

Innovative ways to make snail mail fun, profitable - 04/06/10

Roundabout: Overdoing Easter - 03/30/10

Roundabout: It feels good to get rid of the plastic monster - 03/23/10

Roundabout: Vote ... or else! - 03/09/10

Roundabout: Fox News pays for summit - 03/02/10

Most annoying commercials - 02/16/10

Why do we watch the Winter Olympics? - 02/09/10

Supreme Court’s decision and voter ignorance - 02/02/10

The political season is heating up here and across the nation - 01/26/10

Wii Oops - 01/19/10

Remember when flying was exciting for different reasons? - 01/12/10

Politics British-style - 01/05/10